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Custom Stickers

GraphicMX can produce any custom graphics you desire. We can create graphics of any size or shape, any combination of colors, and include your design and text.

Check out some of the custom graphics we've developed; Custom Gallery

Our custom setup fee is $20 and up depending upon the amount of time will be involved in creating your design.

If you have your artwork already created; we accept submissions in Adobe Illustrator 8 (.ai 8) or .eps format with the vector paths intact.

We do not currently offer custom seat covers.

Custom order process:

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Email GraphicMX with your logo if you want us to include one.
  3. Receive a reply email with a price based on which graphics you want, size and the number of colors required. Please be as specific as possible in your description.
  4. Make payment arrangements by phone
  5. Graphic MX will produce your custom designs for your approval.
  6. On your approval, we'll make your graphics.

Once the design proof is sent custom fees are not refundable. We've never had anyone not like the final design.

Graphics type:  
Make & Model:  

Phone #:
Description, please be very specific:


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