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Vinyl Graphics Application Instructions.


1. Prepare mounting surface
Remove all dirt, old adhesive, oil, and grease. We recommend using a cleaning fluid, such as brake cleaner, to thoroughly clean all surfaces. This is especially important on gas tanks to remove any residual gas embedded in the plastic. Once clean, do not touch mounting surface, the oils in your hands will affect adhesion. This is the most important step in successful graphic application.

If you are applying to new plastic or paint, lightly scuff application surface with fine steel wool or scratch pad, then clean the plastic.

2. Align graphic

  • Align graphic with any interior holes, this is usually easier and more precise than using the perimeter.
  • Gas Gas and KX rear fender kits - align the front of the center "finger" first. Once the top is placed centered, the side pieces will be very close to touching at the back.
  • Lay plastic down on flat surface.
  • We strongly recommend using an application fluid, such as Rapid Tac. Application fluids allow you to work with the graphics before permanently sticking to ensure proper alignment. Aim about 12" above plastic and spray, letting mist settle onto plastic
  • Lightly place the graphic on the plastic. Do not push down on graphic until alignment is finalized. Do not try to slide graphic to proper alignment. We use a pressure sensitive adhesive which allows for peeling and replacing if pressure is not used.

3. Apply pressure
Once you are happy with the alignment, begin applying pressure to graphic beginning at the center and moving outward to the edges, pressing out fluid and being careful to press out any bubbles. We suggest using the backing paper between the graphic and applicator to avoid "digging in" to the vinyl. Be sure to apply ample pressure especially at the edges.

Allow graphics to sit for 24 hrs. prior to riding. We also advise re-applying pressure to the graphics after a couple of hours, especially if using an application fluid to ensure complete bonding.

4. Bubbles
If you encounter bubbles that cannot be rubbed out, take a sewing needle and prick the bubbled vinyl a number of times and reapply pressure. This allows the air to escape and the graphic to contact the plastic.


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